Opportunities Surrounding Development

The management and development of our resources is important for the socio-economic development and well being of our people. The original mandate of IRC has grown from that of being a “watchdog” over IOGC to that of a credible advocate and representative body for First Nations oil and gas producers. Our mandate must be in sync with industry standards and practices and ensure proper capacity development within our communities.

Our site utilizes key information surrounding our members and communities that are a part of the organization, a forum to discuss issues important to our people, outline our programs and initiatives that we are excited to be a part of and new updated resources for our people.

IRC Initiatives

The Indian Resource Council advocates on behalf of its membership for change to federal policy that will improve and increase economic development opportunities for First Nations and their members.  Currently there are a number initiatives being developed in partnership with Canada. Canada and the IRC...

JTC1 — Joint Technical Committee One

Joint Technical Committee One (JTC1) – Modernization To The Indian Oil And Gas Regulations Update - IRC Board of Directors support work of JTC1 Committee Update...

History Of The Indian Resource Council

IRC was founded in 1987 by Chiefs representing the oil and gas producing First Nations, following the recommendation of a task force that was established to study the role of the Crown in the management of First Nations oil and natural gas resources.

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