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IOGC Co- Management Board

Indian Oil and Gas Canada Co-Management Board


Co-management of IOGC commenced in 1996. Pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding (“1996 MOU”) between the Indian Resource Council and Minister, Indian and Northern Affairs Development signed on June 3, 1996, the Indian Oil and Gas Canada Co-Management Board (“IOGC Board”) provides an oversight role to IOGC by reviewing the IOGC mandate, and reviewing and approving the CEO’s Quarterly Reports and annual IOGC Management Plans. Appendix “A” of the 1996 MOU established the IOGC Board of directors, the authority and decisions of the IOGC Board are subject to:

1) concurrence by the Executive Director,

2) no increase in DIAND funding of IOGC above the approved annual amount and

3) adherence to existing laws and regulations.


The IOGC Board is made up of nine members – the IRC Chairperson and five other members appointed by IRC plus three Board members appointed by the Minister, the ADM, Lands and Economic Development, the Executive Director of Indian Oil and Gas Canada and an industry representative.


A Board of Directors and the Executive Director together co-manage IOGC. The IOGC Board is mandated to co-manage IOGC operations, focusing IOGC issues, policies, plans, priorities and resources.