JTC 2 is responsible for examination and development of issues that are not included in the current phase of revisions to the IOGA. The IRC and Canada have agreed that these issues are at the root of a process of continuous change with respect to the management of oil and gas resources on First Nations lands. This process is designed to evolve towards First Nations having greater control over the management of these resources through an enhanced role in the co-management of IOGC as envisioned in the 1996 Memorandum of Understanding. Under the direction of this technical committee, there is ongoing activity on the following specific issues:

  • preparation of appropriate capacity development tools and governance models including the establishment of a more formal accountability structure;
  • review of the process for IOGC Board Member selection; and,
  • bringing greater clarity to the relationship between the IOGC Co-Management Board and the senior management of the organization.

In addition to the consideration of these issues relating to the management of IOGC, JTC 2 is in the process of creating an Energy Centre of Business Excellence within the IRC structure. This centre of excellence will provide a service to all members through the provision of information and guidance on matters such as:

  • taking full advantage of development opportunities;
  • job training, entrepreneurship and economic development;
  • modern corporate governance and accountability structures;
  • building capacity within the First Nations energy sector that will help to ensure successful energy developments and maximize opportunities for job creation and spin off developments;
  • provide a conduit for potential joint venture activities;
  • provide a resource database of service providers in fields such as technical, financial, legal and project management