The IRC board is structured in order to ensure representation from all regions and Treaty areas including all the major oil and gas producing First Nations.

The Board membership now stands at seventeen (17) representing:

  • Treaties 6, 7 and 8, Alberta (three Board members each);
  • Saskatchewan (4 Board members),
  • Ontario (2 members),
  • Treaty 8 B.C. (1 member) and
  • UNBI (1 member).

The Duties and Activities of the Co-Management Board of IOGC

The IOGC Co-management Board was established in 1996 through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the IRC and the Hon. Ron Irwin, Minister of Indian Affairs at the time.

The Role of the Board is to co-manage IOGC in accordance with existing legislation and regulations, focusing on areas of common interest such as IOGC issues, policies, plans, priorities and resources.

The board is also mandated to develop a vision for collective First Nations control and full management of their resources. The longer-term vision calls for first Nations to direct and assume full control of IOGC.

Although the MOU contemplated a three-phase approach – co-management, delegation and full control – the Board has focused its attention on the first phase only. Currently the Board is working on enhancing its co-management role to make it more effective n directing the activities of IOGC.

The Board is made up of nine members; six appointed by the IRC Board and three appointed by Canada. Appointments are for a two year (renewable) term.