Strater Crowfoot

Strater Crowfoot, who previously served as IOGC‘s CEO and Executive Director from 1998-2003, rejoined IOGC on April 28, 2008. Mr. Crowfoot had left IOGC in 2003 to accept the position of Chairman of the Indian Taxation Advisory Board, which he held from 2003-2006. As well, he was elected by his community to serve as Head Chief of the Siksika Nation on two […]

Dr. Kelley Blanchette – ISC Co-Chair

Kelley Blanchette was appointed as Assistant Deputy Minister, Lands and Economic Development at Indigenous Services Canada on September 2019. From January 2017 until September 2019, she was the Deputy Commissioner for Women, responsible for all policy and program development for women offenders, and the functional lead for regional operations at sites serving women. She has […]