Indian Resource Council & Indian Oil and Gas Canada Liaison Officer

Linda is the liaison between the Indian Resource Council (“IRC”) and Indian Oil and Gas Canada (“IOGC”). She is the primary professional support for the IRC Co-Chair of the IOGC Co-Management Board to ensure that the IRC Co-Chair has considered input into the overall operation of the IOGC Co-Management Board.

Linda liaises with the Board Secretary and other federal officials to jointly prepare Board agendas, meeting materials in support of agendas and promote effective board governance. As a Liaison, she provides briefing materials to IRC appointed Board members to ensure the IOGC Co-Management Board is representing Indigenous views and interests. She reviews Board decisions and action items for the IRC Co-Chair to ensure that the IOGC Co-Management Board is fulfilling its mandate.

Contact Information

Contact Number: 403-281-8308 Ext 227

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