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Name Website Province Location
Montagnais de Natashquan Quebec Natashquan
Abénakis de Wôlinak http://www.abenakis.ca/english/index.html Quebec Bécancour
Odanak First Nation http://www.abenakis.ca/odanak/index.html Quebec Odanak
Kahnawake First Nation http://www.kahnawake.com Quebec Kahnawake
Micmacs of Gesgapegiag http://www.gesgapegiag.com/?go=band Quebec Maria
Yellow Quill First Nation Saskatchewan Yellow Quill
White Bear First Nations http://www.whitebearfirstnation.ca Saskatchewan Carlyle
The Key First Nation http://www.keyband.com Saskatchewan Norquay
Standing Buffalo First Nation Saskatchewan Fort Qu'Appelle
Red Pheasant First Nation http://www.redpheasantcreenation.com Saskatchewan Cando
Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation http://www.peterballantyne.ca/index.html Saskatchewan Pelican Narrows
Onion Lake First Nation http://www.onionlake.ca Saskatchewan Onion Lake
Nekaneet First Nation Saskatchewan Maple Creek
Muscowpetung First Nation Saskatchewan Fort Qu'Appelle
Mistawasis First Nation http://www.mistawasis.ca Saskatchewan Leask
Little Black Bear First Nation Saskatchewan Goodeve
Kawacatoose First Nation Saskatchewan Raymore
Gordon First Nation http://www.gordonfirstnation.com Saskatchewan Punnichy
Day Star First Nation Saskatchewan Punnichy
Clearwater River Dene http://mltc.sasktelwebhosting.com/clearwater%20river.htm Saskatchewan Clearwater River
Big River First Nation http://www.brfn.ca Saskatchewan Debden
Whitecap Dakota First Nation http://whitecap.myabitat.net/index.php Saskatchewan Saskatoon
Thunderchild First Nation http://www.thunderchild.ca Saskatchewan Turtleford
Star Blanket First Nation Saskatchewan Balcarres
Sakimay First Nations Saskatchewan Grenfell
Piapot First Nation Saskatchewan Zehner
Pasqua First Nation #79 http://www.pasquafirstnation.com Saskatchewan Pasqua
Ochapowace First Nation Saskatchewan Whitewood
Mosquito, Grizzly Bear's Head, Lean Man Fst.Natns. Saskatchewan Cando
Montreal Lake First Nation http://www.mlcn.ca Saskatchewan Montreal Lake