The JTC1 group has been focusing its efforts on the sub-surface module. The group completed its review of the drafting instructions that were provided by Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) and have submitted its recommendations for changes to those drafting instruction. Once those instructions are agreed upon they will be used by the Federal legislative drafters to come up with the draft of the regulations that will again be vetted through the JTC1 process.

Here are some highlights of those recommendations to Indian Oil and Gas Canada;

  • The ability for First Nation’s to negotiate their own agreements to be expressed in the new regulations;
  • Preventing Industry from tying up First Nation’s lands without development occurring;
  • First Nation involvement in the continuance process;
  • The need for First Nation lands to remain competitive with off Reserve lands. This will facilitate Industry investment in First Nation Lands;
  • First Nation input in the assignment of leases.

If your First Nation would like more detailed information, please contact the JTC1 Project Manager,
David Shade at (403) 281-8308 or